A multidisciplinary artist.Born in Israel (1980).
She got a diploma in Media design and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences and Humanities. Art is an integral part of her life.Since she can remember herself art was a vocation for her, a way to express herself and to evoke her viewer’s emotion.

she likes to combine different materials in her works and also to incorporate different mediums: photography, painting and digital editing.

Inbal has a wide range of works on various topics: landscape photography, street photography, animal photography and abstract photography. However the majority of her works is the mixture of media and digital art

Inbal has won several competitions and awards and participated in several exhibitions, biennials and international festivals around the world: Hungary, Greece, Spain, France, Switzerland, Israel, Hong Kong, Philippines, Nepal, Scotland and especially in Italy: Milan, Rome, Genoa, Venice, Turin, Palermo, Gattinara and ,Varallo

contact E-mail:shanio4@walla.co.il

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